Modeling and the autonomy of psychology

Modeling has come to occupy a central place in philosophy of science. In recent decades, an enormous amount has been written on the practices of model construction, how models represent their targets, how models relate to simulations and theories, and how models are validated and verified.

Decomposing the hierarchy of thought

Like other social animals, humans are status-conscious creatures, obsessed with hierarchy and rankings. This is obvious in the realm of finance, the entertainment industry, and academic reputation-chasing, but it also turns up in the more staid realms of theory. Psychology and ethology make frequent reference to the distinction between the …

Keeping concepts in context

Conceptual pluralism is the view for any category that we can think about, we typically possess many different concepts of it—that is, many different ways of representing that category in higher cognition. Different kinds of concepts encode their own specific perspective on the target category, and each one can be …

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